Friday, May 3, 2013

Back to Piling Trash

I've been meaning to return to posting here for a while now, I even had Google Calender reminding me of it for the past couple of weeks -a very inefficient way of planning a day, I tell ya; The notification window has this arduous aura telling you to press the snooze button every single time, shifting all your day plans out of the window; It took me half a damn year to actually start doing anything with my life again, but now that I have cleared all my previous cringe-worthy posts of yesteryears, I can feel more comfortable doing this again.

Mainly it will be for my game-development-related news, since everyone is telling me I need to practice my showmanship, being a self-proclaimed «indie» game developer since 2005 with only one half-assed game and tons of broken prototypes. The first part of the problem solved itself though, now that I don't describe myself as «indie» anymore -the word lost its meaning in 2011, sorry guys-, but then, I still have to actually make games, no kidding.

So, that's where Nayzak comes in, a new studio two amigos (Mounir, Dallash) and myself started last year -or was it two years ago? I don't even remember-, although we had the idea floating around for that long, we only started actually doing anything with it this year, you can view our branding shenanigans here:
We'll focus mainly on games and all things design, currently focusing on outsourcing our way out of the start-up status, so never hesitate if you have any projects you think we can handle, also go like our Facebook page, kthnx.

Anyway, writing has proven to be quite therapeutic for me, and I've been doing plenty of it in Arabic, so expect some of that as well; my totally valuable insights on things. It'll be interesting to see what English brings to the table, being the current lingua franca et al. I'm a firm believer -pay attention here, I don't use this word often- in both language and culture relativity, I can already feel the effect of switching languages on my consciousness, feels like taking an airplane through my head -monolingual peeps should feel missing out-, with all the one-way cultural/political and pop-references, it almost feels like switching worldviews -not the drug-induced kind of way though-, and you know what, turns out I'm not the only one feeling like that [Link]; So, Thanks Internet, you truly are imperialism's best friend.

I hope doing this will prove useful outside of getting back in touch with you people -which I really value, don't get the wrong idea-, but I've been sky-rocketing my way up the anxiety meter, with intrusive thoughts of all sorts brooding over me, so this might as well be one of my forlorn attempts at getting my shit together.